Natalia is considered the second greatest jazz voice which comes from Romania – after Aura Urziceanu.”, by Adrian Popescu “TRIBUNA”, 22.01.2015 , Link

      Composer and pop, jazz and evergreen singer Natalia Colompar, born in Romania, received the following awards at music festivals and competitions in Italy:

Natalia has been working in the artistic field since 1989. She studied music mostly with her father, Andrei Colompar, who was one of the most original and important composers, and blues and jazz pianists, in Romania. In 1990 Natalia formed a duo (piano and vocals) with her father, featuring concerts and musical evenings with pop, standard jazz, ethno jazz, and various compositions for the fans in Sibiu in various public venues such as “Imparatul Romanilor”, or clubs such as “Casa Studentilor.” On multiple occassions their duo transformed into a trio, quartet or quintet. The experience gained in recent years, tirelessly participating in national and international festivals (Romania, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Bulgaria), as her constant presence in public venues where piano-bar, pop and jazz is played, allowed her to present herself as a solo artist, in duos and trios along other musicians that she collaborates with (Lucio Vaccaro-pianist, Paolo Cristofoli- guitarist, Roberto Lugli- percusionist, etc.) The singer-songwriter is appreciated by the general public also as a supporter for opening for the likes of Elisabeth Caumont, Heinz von Hermann, Judy Niemack, Veronique Le Berre. Here there are a list of her participations to Festivals :

  • Tour with compagnia teatrale, Switzerland, 1991
  • Jazz Festival, Costinesti, Romania, 1992
  • Theatre Festival, Bulgaria, 1993
  • Romanian Festival from Ille-et-Vilaine ,France, 1995
  • Festival “Jazz à l’Ouest”, France, 1995,
  • International Jazz Festival, Sibiu, Romania, 1997 e 2000
  • Concerts a Chevilly Larue, France, 2000,
  • Festival “La Strada”, Sibiu, Romania, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001
  • Festival Medieval, Sibiu, Romania, 2002
  • Festival of Friulan Song, Italy, 2003, 2005
  • Festival of song of Friuli “ Prize Città di Grado ”, Italy, 2007
  • “Friuli Doc” , 2004, 2009, Italy
  • Pianobar Festival, Udine, Italy, 2008, 2009, 2010
  • “Tourmusicfest” , Roma, Italy, 2009
  • Festival of Riviera del Brenta Song, Prize Città di Mira, Italy, 2009
  • “La bella e la voce”, Saint Vincent, Italy, 2009
  • “Aiello vocal show”, Italy, 2010
  • “Live festival” , Carlino, Italy, 2011
  • Giardini e Corti in Musica, Cividale, Italia, 2013
  • Udin Music in Vore, Udine, Italia, 2014
  • Festival delle Culture, Udine, Italy, 2014


  • “Andrei Colompar was one of the most authentic jazz musicians in Romania. After stepping into the world of the righteous “the musical baton” was taken over by his daughter. Natalia is considered the second greatest jazz voice which comes from Romania – after Aura Urziceanu.”, by Adrian PopescuTRIBUNA”, 22.01.2015 , Link
  • “It was only a case for me to meet Natalia Colompar , a fine jazz singer , well known in Romania , moved in our country a few years ago. Very versatile voice, jazz stile, blues veins, the Colompar is a kind of talent kept hidden for too long, perhaps because of the confidential nature of our country too .” by Mauro Missana “LA DOLCE VITA” magazine, december 2006, Udine, Italia
  • “Not only the elders of jazz have consecrated Sibiu but, more recently, the name of our city is also known to italian music market through Nathalia, the daughter of one of the most popular local jazz man, Andrei Colompar. Although initially, his father was not agree that his daughter follows his traces, Nathalia has “exploded” of talent, charming the Italian public. Revelation of ” Friulian Music Festival”, she settled down in the Italian peninsula for almost two years and aims, in the shortest time, to conquer the Italian market for jazz music. For her, the San Remo festival is not a too bold plan! ” by Iulia Nagy, “OBIECTIV”, 27 january, 2004, , Sibiu, Romania
  • “Ad-hoc the known singer Natalia Colompar, completed the band, proving, once again, that the grace with which interprets and impresses on blues & jazz rhythms is emphasized by talent and professionalism. Too weak are words to relate the moments of euphoria … ” by Pali Vecsei, “TRIBUNA”, Sibiu, Romania
  • “The evening’s soloist , Natalia Colompar can be appreciated as a refined singer, who manages to feel the rhythm of jazz music, to form a team with those who initiated her and to successfully raise at their level.” by Sorana Maier, “TRIBUNA”, 29 september 1999, Sibiu, Romania
  • “Maximum rating for Colompar Natalia, her voice, interpretive fantasy and boldly to interpret “Summertime” or other sacred themes of the genre, have convince us that she can make career in this beautiful craziness of sound and color, simply called – jazz”. by Rares Bitu, “TRIBUNA”, 8 december, 1995, Sibiu, Romania
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